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Where do I get my claim number?

Claim numbers are issued by the insurance company at the time you report your accident. Just write the claim number down and bring it in with you. If you need assistance in obtaining a claim number, we will be happy to assist you.

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?

Quality repairs begin with a detailed written estimate. Our trained estimators make a practice of anticipating problems before they arise. However, damage is often hidden and cannot be discovered until your vehicle has been disassembled. If this happens, your vehicle’s completion date may need to be revised. We will keep you informed throughout the repair process, and assure you we will return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the repairs.

I have a brand new vehicle that has been involved in an accident; can it look new again?

Yes. At Westside Collision Corp., we employ a state-of-the-art process and paints that enable us to accurately match your vehicle’s finish.

What are betterment charges?

Parts that wear out and need to be replaced with time and use (such as tires, batteries and suspension parts) are commonly subject to betterment charges when they are replaced during the repair process. The betterment charges are determined by the insurance company and are pro-rated, based on actual miles of your vehicle.

How should I care for my new paint?

While the paint is still fresh (first 60 days) avoid parking your vehicle anywhere that substances could come in contact with it. This includes under trees, where bird droppings or sap could fall on the new paint. If droppings sap or bug splatters do get on your vehicle, they should be washed off as soon as possible due to the acidic effect. Be careful when adding fluids (gas, oil, etc.) to your vehicle. The chemicals in the fluids could damage the new paint. Do not use a scraper on any of the paint. When washing your vehicle within the first 60 days, do not use a commercial car wash. Their equipment can cause damage. Using a mild car wash soap (NOT household detergent) and clean fresh water, hand-wash your vehicle with a clean, soft wash cloth or sponge. Make sure your vehicle’s surface is cool to the touch and is in the shade to avoid water spots. Waxing is not recommended within these first 60 days, but should become a regular part of your vehicle maintenance after this period. We suggest waxing your vehicle at least 3 times per year.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

Whether or not you are responsible for a deductible is determined by your insurance policy and who was at fault. It is best to contact your insurance company or agent to determine whether or not you’re deductible has been waived or if you are responsible to pay it. If you are responsible for a deductible, your payment will be due to us upon completion of the repairs to your vehicle.

If I don’t go to a dealer will it void my warranty?


Do you have towing available?

Yes. If you need to have your vehicle towed to us, just give us a call and we will arrange the towing.

Can I take my vehicle where I want to have it repaired?

Yes. As the owner of the vehicle you have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. Most insurance companies have shops they work with on a regular basis and receive a discounted rate. You do not have to agree to work with the shop the insurance company recommends even if the insurance company says it will cost you extra if you take the vehicle somewhere else. Rest assured, we guarantee there will be no additional charge to you as we work with all major insurance companies.

Can I get an estimate if I send you photos of the damage to my vehicle?

In order to insure the most accurate estimate we prefer you to bring your vehicle in to Westside Collision Center.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, American Express, Visa, Discovery and MasterCard.

If my vehicle has frame or uni body damage, will it drive and perform like it use to?

Yes, if it is repaired properly. If it is damaged to the point of jeopardizing the structural integrity, or is a safety issue, we will advise the insurance company to total the vehicle.

My vehicle is a total loss, should I release it to the insurance company before or after we settle on the value?

Yes, It is always better to settle on the value before releasing it.

Are rental cars available?

Yes. We can either make the arrangements for you or assist you in the process.

Do I have to get more than one estimate?

No. There is no law in the state of Massachusetts that says you have to get more than one estimate. If an insurance company asks you to get more than one, explain to them that you would prefer to work with Westside Collision. If they need more than one estimate, they can have one of their own appraisers take a look at your vehicle. All this should be done at your convenience and choice of location either your work, home or at our shop. If the insurance company gives you an estimate, we will repair your vehicle according to their approved estimate and contact them directly if any additional supplements are needed.

If your estimate is higher than the insurance company, will I have to pay the difference?

No. At Westside Collision Center, we work with all insurance companies and will negotiate a fair price to complete the repairs on your behalf without sacrificing quality or safety.

Will my insurance company pay to paint my entire vehicle?

No. The insurance company will only pay for those damages that occurred due to the accident.

Can other repairs or services be done on my vehicle while it is in your shop?

Yes, just be sure to notify your estimator of the repairs or services that you would like performed, so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements. We would be happy to complete other repairs to your vehicle.

Is there a warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?

Yes. We want you to feel confident that your vehicle is being repaired correctly. Westside Collision repair warranty gives you peace of mind. From every nut and bolt of the body work, to the last finishing touches by our master painters, every aspect of your repair is covered in writing.

If I need my vehicle towed who will pay for it?

West Side Collision Center will pay for the tow and include it on the repair estimate.

What is Insurance Steering?

Insurance steering is when your insurance company tries to force you to have your vehicle repaired at a collision repair shop that they recommend. This is ILLEGAL! By law, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE the collision and auto body repair shop of your choice. West Side Collision meets all the requirements and criteria for all insurance companies. We can handle all your collision repair needs.