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Whether you need to apply new auto painting after an accident or just want to refresh your car, our auto body shop in Natick is the right choice for you. Here are some commonly asked questions about car paint jobs.

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Does auto painting increase car’s value?

Of course. Applying automotive paint makes your car look much more attractive to a buyer and can make any car look brand new. At the West Side Collision Center, we offer all types of auto painting options, including painting of vintage cars and fully matching paint color of repaired parts to the rest of the car.

Should I paint my own car?

No. It is extremely difficult to have the proper surface preparation, eliminate dust and dirt and paint evenly. Trust our team of highly trained and skilled painting technicians who use the latest equipment to make sure that your car is painted the best possible way.

Who should I trust with my car painting needs?

If you have any paint job needs, come to our auto body shop in Natick and never search “auto body paint shops near me” ever again! Not only do we offer amazing car painting, we also provide bumper repair, car detailing and much more.

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