After a car accident,

do I have to use my insurance company’s repair shop?

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Shortly after your car accident, insurance companies are quick to recommend a car accident repair service. But if you prefer a different body shop, like West Side Collision Center of Natick, can you pick your own? Yes!

You have control over where your car is fixed!

Many insurance companies have contracts with body shops in every state. When you choose the body shop the insurance company “recommends” you are just supporting the insurance company, because it has already negotiated smaller costs with the body shop and earns more money when you accept their recommendation.

Because of this deal with certain body shops, insurance companies prefer that at least 40 percent of their clients go to their partner auto shops. That’s why insurance companies will push you to choose the body shops they have selected rather than letting you choose.

If you select your own, the insurance company will tell you that the shop doesn’t meet their requirements, or isn’t on their list, and for that reason they won’t be able support your choice. They might also tell you that using a different body shop would take more time or would make it difficult for them to make an estimate. Lastly, they might even tell you that the insurance company cannot warranty the repairs if you pick a different shop.  

Do not be swayed by this!

A good auto shop like West Side Collision Center always has a lifetime warranty no matter what insurance company is paying. Most importantly, the body shop is interested in repairing your car as efficiently as possible and provide estimates quickly.

So, how do I pick out a body shop?

To look for all types of body shops, just google “car collision repair near me” and many different companies will come up. As you look at different body shops, here are some questions you could ask yourself:

How long has the body shop been open for?

Experience matters, and could decide how quickly you are able to get past your collision

Does the auto shop have a lifetime warranty?

It is extremely important for the shop to offer a lifetime warranty, to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road.

Do they have the experience working on your type of car?

If you have a luxury vehicle or a large pick-up, it is important to know whether the body shop will be able to handle your type of vehicle with expertise and efficiency.

What does West Side Collision offer?

West Side Collins in Natick offers award winning car accident repair service and paint jobs for 20 years and counting! If your SUV, sedan or minivan of any make or model needs a bumper replacement, look no further than the award-winning service offered by our technicians. We can restore dents and bruises back to their original glory and refine and seal the damaged areas perfectly.

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What else do we offer? We can provide a completely computerized system of measuring devices that ensure that your car comes out of our body shop exactly the way it was before a car accident. Best of all, we offer car rental assistance while your car is being fixed and a completely free estimate.

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